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Hello. Nice to meet you here. I made this sentence longer to try to center it under my name.


Here are my two biggest accomplishments. There are a million different reasons why having two children has made me better at my job. I'd be happy to tell you how anytime! Call me.


The Atlantic came to WKNY for a brand platform idea, from there we developed "Question Your Answers". In a time where everyone thinks they are right, they've got all the answers, The Atlantic asks you to think again. HBO liked this campaign so much, they wanted to partner with The Atlantic by offering up their talent. Ad Age, Fast Company, The Inspiration Room, Little Black Book, Campaign US, Fast Company, Stash Media, Adweek, The Wrap


After a 9 month long pitch, WKNY won McDonalds. I had the time of my life heading to Chicago nearly every week alongside our amazing team. Winning a pitch is a great feeling, who you win a pitch with makes that feeling all that much more sweet. Gathered here, a sampling of the work.


NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This is my most favorite thing my team has done. I'm so proud of the feedback it has received from parents who have children who struggle with mental health issues. It has been career affirming. Scary Mommy,UpWorhty, Adage, Campaign, Adweek


So far in our short partnership, HBO and W+K have resurrected a museum for Women's Month. We created a mini-series for the network. We have had doctors diagnose HBO characters. We have re-contextualized HBO programming during Mental Health Month. We have produced a bespoke line of HBO holiday cards featuring horrible mothers, and more. Here is a sampling of work we created For “Because Of Her” a platform that aims to honor the authentic female narrative. Bustle, Campaign US, Adweek, Muse by Clio, Trend Hunter, Ad Age, Ad age and Ad Age.


“Everyone feels HBO sometimes”. This is our strategy for all the work we've created for HBO. “Backstories” presents the real-life story behind some of our favorite shows.The Verge, Fast Company, Hypebeast, ET Online, Buzzfeed, People, Metro UK


During my time at W+K, I CD'd Delta alongside the super talented writer, Sean McLaughlin. We helped develop their new brand platform "No One Better Connects The World", from there an outpouring a work.


HBO has long told stories of characters struggling with Mental Health issues. For Mental Health Awareness month, we launched “It’s Ok”. A campaign that brings these stories to the forefront, and hopefully helps people, friends and family struggling with mental health feel understood.Nylon, Variety, Teenvogue, The Wrap, The NY Times, Vice, Ad Age, Forbes, Bustle, Indie Wire, Papermag, Adweek, Allure, AdAge


I pitched Duracell with an amazing team at WKNY. We won. From there, was promoted to CD. Here is a sampling of work from my time on the account.


People had stopped thinking of GAP as a gifting destination. With such simple basics - you can’t mess up by gifting GAP during the holidays. “You don’t have to get them to give them GAP.”


We created one of AT&T's first ever social campaigns. A chance to shout your love from a mountain top that we streamed live on facebook.


It’s worth mentioning that my first job in advertising was to AD got milk? ads. And I worked mostly with Annie Leibovitz. It was a real job! My parents released such a heavy sigh of relief that I balled it up and it now rests on my night stand.


This is a photo of me and my grandfather Dominick or “The Busy Man” as he called himself. He taught me that being busy means being alive. Free tip from him, to me, to you.

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